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Foodin - All in One, Freetox Blend 400g


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The All in One-Freetox super mix in the Foodin series was born out of the need to be able to do well in everyday life. The All in One-Freetox super mix is an easy and simple choice: all the ingredients you need for a good day are packed in one bag!

The All in One-Freetox super blend brings its debilitating effect to the morning, snack or workout support. So here’s an easy and delicious choice to enrich your diet!


The Freetox Blend – all in one in the Foodin series is a multi-purpose kitchen partner: it has many products in one bag!

  • Lactose free
  • Unsweetened

Additional information

Weight 0.400 kg


AINESOSAT: Herneproteiini*, hamppuproteiini*, riisiproteiini*, mustaherukkajauhe*, kookosmaitojauhe, kaakaouute(Acticoa), punajuurimehujauhe*, psylliumjauhe*, supermaca*, parsakaali*, pinaatti*, pakastekuivattu mustikka*, pakastekuivattu acerola*, ruusunmarja*, lehtikaali*, ohranorasjauhe*, ceylonin kaneli*, vehnänorasjauhe*, Korean chlorella, spirulina*, nokkosen lehtijauhe*, puolukkajauhe*, persilja*, ksantaanikumi, reishiuute, kurkumiini, bacillus coagulans, hieno merisuola

Pea protein *, hemp protein *, rice protein *, blackcurrant powder *, coconut milk powder, cocoa extract (Acticoa), beetroot powder *, psyllium powder *, supermaca *, broccoli *, spinach *, freeze-dried *, freeze-dried * barley groats powder *, Ceylon cinnamon *, wheat groats powder *, Korean chlorella, spirulina *, nettle leaf powder *, lingonberry powder *, parsley *, xanthan gum, thigh extract, curcumin, Bacillus coagulans, fine sea salt

Nutrition Value

Energy (kcal), 361.4
Energy (kJ), 1510.7
Fat (g), 11.26
of which saturated (g), 3.77
Carbohydrates (g), 19.54
of which sugars (g), 7.3
Protein (g), 45.5
Salt (g), 0.27


gluten free, lactose free, additive free, superfood, vegan