Foodin – suomalainen hamppuproteiini, 250g


Foodin’s native product is a praise for Finnish production. Hemp grows well in Finland and enjoys long bright nights. Foodin’s Finnish Hemp Protein is made from the Finola variety.



Foodin’s domestic hemp protein is made from the valuable hemp of the Finola variety.

Hemp protein is high in protein and is great for both vegetarians and those who want to add plant-based protein to their diet.

The taste of hemp protein is mildly aromatic and is suitable for smoothies, cooking and baking.


Paino0,250 kg



Hemp protein

Nutrition info

Tryptofan: 0,4 g
Metionin: 1,1 g
Treonin: 1,6 g
Valin: 2,2 g
Isoleucin: 1,7 g
Leucin: 3,0 g
Fenylalanin: 2,0 g
Histidin: 1,2 g
Lysin: 1,7 g
Arginin: 5,3 g

Nutrition Value

Fat: 8g
-of which saturated: 1g
-omega 3 fatty acids: 2.2 g
-omega 6 fatty acids: 6.9 g
Carbohydrates: 2 g
of which sugars: 1.9 g
Dietary fiber: 18 g
Protein: 55 g
Salt: 0.08 g

Additional Information

Made in a factory that processes nuts (cashew, para, pecan, pistachio, macadamia, hashish and walnuts) almonds, sesame seeds and whey protein (from milk).