LOOK Pedal Geo Trekking Roc Black


One side platform pedal and one side click pedal!
GEO-Trekking is LOOK’s new hybrid pedal designed for versatile use. The pedal can be used with both flat pedal shoes and click shoes equipped with SPD compatible X-TRACK Easy Cleats. Whether commuter, city cyclist or adventurer, the new GEO-Trekking pedals are suitable for many purposes.

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  • Technology: Hybrid Pedal (Flat / Click Pedal)
  • Clipless system for SPD compatible cleats
  • Release angle: 13°
  • Spindle / Axle: Chromoly+
  • Support width: 83mm
  • Combination pedal with clipless and flat side
  • Ideal for hybrid, cargo and adventure bikes
  • Robust aluminium body
  • 8 metal pins offer outstanding grip (platform side)
  • Open design supports self-cleaning qualities
  • Adjustable release tension
  • Including 1 pair of X-Track Easy Cleats


Paino0.530 kg

LOOK / GEO Trekking Roc


chrome-moly (spindle); aluminium (pedal body)

Platform width

approx. 83 mm

Q factor

approx. 56 mm


X-Track Easy (clipping out to the top and side, easy clipping in, 6° angular float, 13° release angle)


Hybrid Pedal (Flat / Click Pedal)