Kryptonite Alley F-650 Premium USB Front Light


Bright enough to light your way in any conditions, the Kryptonite Alley F-650 Premium is a powerful front bike light that is ideal for all sorts of winter cycling, especially riding on unlit roads. Putting out a maximum of 650 lumens, there are six different modes giving you a run time of between 2 and 26 hours. A built-in battery indicator lets you know how much power you have left and the power saving function ensures that you will always have enough left to get you home on even on long rides.

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  • Modes include High Steady, Medium Steady, Low Steady, Daylite Pulse, Nitelite Pulse and Economic Flash’
  • Fully USB Rechargeable – No batteries to buy or replace
  • Run time up to 26 hours
  • 6 modes with 2 pulse and 1 flash
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Paino0,300 kg (kilogramma)

Kryptonite / Alley F-650

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Lumen Indicator



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High Steady: 2 Hours, 650 Lumens
Medium Steady: 4 Hours, 325 Lumens
Low Steady: 12 Hours, 100 Lumens
Daylite Pulse: 8 Hours, 650 Lumens
Nitelite Pulse: 10 Hours, 100/300 Lumens
Economic Flash: 26 Hours, 100 Lumens

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