Sigma Sport TRENDLINE PURE 1 ATS - wireless


The PURE 1 ATS is a purist amongst all bicycle computers. In one easy to read display, it answers the three most important cycling questions: How fast? How far? How long? And it does so in a very compact and attractive design.

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  • Bike functions
  • Ride Time / Training time
  • Total distance
  • Total Ride Time / Overall training time
  • Actual Speed
  • Day trip
  • Automatic start/stop


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ATS wireless

The PURE 1 ATS is a coded wireless computer. ATS refers to SIGMA SPORT's own analog encoded wireless transmission system

Flat handlebar mount

The new flat handlebar mount was designed specifically to match the thin profile of the PURE 1 ATS computer. The mount sits flush on the handlebar or stem, making the computer look like it is part of the bike itselt

User-friendly battery compartment cover

User changeable batteries is typical for SIGMA computers. The battery door opens with a simply twist of a coin. The battery inserts into the battery door itself, ensuring that it is always positioned correctly.

Simple wheel size setting with Tire Selection

n order to have accurate speed and distance, you have to tell the PURE 1 ATS what size tires you have on your bike. The new TIRE SELECTION makes this easy. Simply select your tire size from the list of the most common sizes.

Bike functions

Current speed
Total distance
Ride time
Total ride time