SIGMA BC 9.16 ATS bike computer - wireless


The Sigma BC 9.16 ATS bike computer is a wireless companion for every day that also meets your sporty requirements. Apart from proven features like current speed or trip distance, the bike computer also displays the maximum speed achieved. Besides, you can also see how many calories you have burned on your tours based on the average speed – with a touch of a button.

Varasto loppu


Bike functions:
· Current speed (up to 199,8 km/h)
· Trip distance (up to 9.999,9 km)
· Average speed (comparison to current speed possible)
· Maximum speed
· Calories
· Total calories

Time functions:
· Trip time (up to 999:59:59 h)
· Time (12/24 h)

Total values:
· Total time (max. 9.999:59 h)
· Total kilometres (max. 99.999 km, not displayed while riding)


Brand / Model



Time of day, Maximum speed, Speed display, Total distance, Driving time, Driving distance, Average speed, Distance display

Power supply


Water resistance


Interface/memory functions

· UFSB compatible (individual, fast programming by specialist dealers via Sigma Universal Fast Setting Box)
· Bike service interval adjustable for specialist dealers via UFSB
· Data communication via Topline 2016 docking station (optional)

General functions:

· Full text display in 7 different languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polnish, Spanish)
· Wheel size manually adjustable from 500 mm to 3999 mm
· Defined tyre sizes: 16“-18“-20“-22“-24“-26“-27“-27.5“-28“-29“-700C
· Analogue transmission with a reach of up to 70 cm for speed sensor
· Automatic start/stop (limited to 2 hours in stand-by mode)
· Tool-free installation
· Bracket for handlebar and stem (Ø 22-38 mm)
· Waterproof according to IPX8