Continental Grand Prix 4-Season Folding Tire – 28-622 – Black Edition


Thanks to its DuraSkin fabric, the Grand Prix 4-Season can withstand extreme loads. In the Paris-Roubaix race, the “hell of the north”, riders equipped with DuraSkin tires have the fewest defects. Very high mileage combined with excellent grip on wet roads and in low temperatures are its distinguishing characteristics. Grand Prix 4-Season can be adjusted to different road qualities and comfort requirements. A double Vectran ™ switch increases protection against punctures and cuts to the highest values in the market comparison.

Varasto loppu


  • Käsintehty Saksassa.
  • Weight: 295g.
  • Kulumisen ilmaisin.
  • Recommended pressure: 95 psi / 7.5 bar
  • Maximum pressure: 115 psi / 8.0 bar
  • Tissue density: 330 tpi
  • Injection protection: 2 times Vectran.


Paino0,295 kg (kilogramma)

Continental / Grand Prix 4-season 28-622


28-622 ( 700x28C)

Vectran ™

Vectran ™ is made from Vectra liquid crystal polymer. This produces a multifiber thermoplastic yarn. This semi-crystalline fabric is more cut resistant than aramid, has five times the tensile strength of steel, and is also lighter than comparable nylon thread. Vectran ™ retains these properties even under the harshest weather conditions.


DuraSkin® – the patented and particularly lightweight side wall reinforcement! DuraSkin side protection tires must be able to be inserted correctly. They are used in the most adverse conditions. On homing bikes the tires slide over curbs, on ride bikes they cross continents without brushing, on racing bikes they have to pass toughness tests like the Paris-Roubaix. The high-quality polyamide fabric reliably protects the sidewall of the tire and prepares it for the extreme. These tires stand out from the crowd thanks to their brown sidewall.