Continental GP5000 Tubeless 25-622 (700x25c)


Grand Prix 5000: made the best tire even better. Now the new front view of the road collection!
The wider tire allows for better grip in bad weather conditions, improves puncture protection and increases driving comfort.





Continental GP5000

  • Käsintehty Saksassa.
  • Koko: 25-622 / 700 x 25C
  • Weight 300 g.
  • Kulumisen ilmaisin
  • Recommended pressure 80 psi / 5.5 bar
  • Maximum pressure 109 psi / 7.5 bar
  • Tissue density 3/180 tpi + Vectran
  • Black Chili -kumiseos
  • Vectra pistosuoja


Paino0,300 kg (kilogramma)

Continental / GP5000. Tubeless


25-622 (700x25c)

Musta chili

Continentalin kehittämä huippukumiseos, joka verrattuna tavalliseen kumiseokseen:
– Reduces rolling resistance
– More grip
– Improves wear resistance


Vectran ™ is a puncture protection developed and patented by Continental that:
– It is lighter and more flexible and protects more effectively than the corresponding nylon puncture protection.
– Does not reduce the rolling resistance of the tire.
– It is a synthetic, high-tech fiber based on a natural pattern.
– It is a liquid crystal polymer (LCP), like a spider's web.
– Spun from molten Vectra liquid polymer and further processed into multifilament yarn.
Like a spider seite, Vectran ™ resists tearing very well, while being light. It is these features that make it excellent
material for use in high-end puncture guards on Continental tires.