CONTINENTAL GP5000 28-622 black, foldable black, foldable


CONTINENTAL GP5000 28-622. It’s your time that you spend on the bike

Faster, more comfortable, lighter and even more durable than the legendary GP 4000 SII
12% better rollability
20% better puncture protection




  • Handmade in Germany.
  • Size: 28-622/700 x 28C
  • Weight 235 g.
  • Wear indicator
  • Recommended pressure 95 psi/6.5 bar
  • Maximum pressure 115 psi/8 bar
  • Tissue density 3/330 tpi + Vectran
  • Black Chili rubber compound
  • Vectra puncture protection



Continental / GP5000


28-622/700 x 28C

Active Comfort Technology

Built-in and revolutionary Active Comfort technology
effectively removes vibration and softens the driving feel.

Black Chili

A premium rubber compound developed by Continental, which compared to a standard rubber compound:
– Reduces rolling resistance
– More grip
– Improves wear resistance


Vectran™ is puncture protection developed and patented by Continental, which:
– Is lighter and more flexible and protects more effectively than similar nylon puncture protection.
– Does not reduce the tire's rolling resistance.
– Is a synthetically produced, high-tech fiber based on a natural model.
– Is a liquid crystal polymer (LCP), like a spider's web.
– Spinned from melted Vectra liquid polymer and further processed into multifilament yarn.
Like a spider's web, Vectran™ is highly resistant to tearing while being lightweight. It is precisely these features that make it outstanding
material to be used for top-class puncture protections in Continental tires.