Lazer Lil Gekko CE-CPSC/MIPS Buckle Kids Pyöräilykypärät

Lil Gekko is the next generation helmet for children from Lazer! The lowering side and rear guards keep the little ones safe as they explore the world on the back of a bike. The stylish integrated sun visor looks great and keeps the sun out of your eyes and face. The Lazer Autofit® fitting system automatically adjusts to the driver’s head. It makes the helmet quick and easy to fit: put it on and let the Autofit® system do its job.

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Lazer Lil Gekko

  • Mips: Yes
  • Helmets size: One Size 46-50cm
  • Construction: In-mold
  • Weight: 300g
  • Helmet Fitting System: AutoFit System
  • Helmet Certification: CE-CPSC



Lazer / Lil'Gekko – MIPS




Sharky, Pink Sea Pony


yes. This Lazer helmet is designed with an internal MIPS system. MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. This important safety feature helps reduce the risk of brain and head injury. Upon impact, this safety layer slows, reduces, and redirects energy that would normally be transferred to the head.


he Kids Lil Gekko bicycle helmet is designed as a uni-size; one size fits all. The adjustable helmet will fit your child while they grow. The strap to hold the helmet on their head is an anti-pinch chin buckle


The kid's helmet is designed with a large visor to keep the hot sun out of their eyes and off their face. The visor also comes in handy when navigating through parks, shielding the eyes and face from low hanging branches and twigs