Selle Royal Optica Moderate Men’s Saddle


An extremely stylish saddle with excellent ergonomics. The Optica is clearly aimed at athletes. The RVL technology not only increases the durability distinctly, but also the special padding and shape relieve the genital area very much. This makes driving, even under load, a comfortable experience. For rides in the moderate position.

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  • Väri musta
  • Gender: men
  • Bike type: hybrid/city bike
  • Istuma-asento: kohtalainen (60 astetta)
  • Upper side material: synthetic
  • Material filling: gel
  • Materiaalikiskot: teräs
  • Dimensions: 271 x 169 mm (L x W)
  • Paino: 540 grammaa


Paino0,540 kg (kilogramma)
Royal Vacuum Light

Royal Vacuum Light on Selle Royal -teknologia, joka tarjoaa 100% tiivistyksen ja 20% painonpudotuksen verrattuna saman luokan perinteisiin satuloihin.

Integroitu Clip System

Patented clip system at the saddle end for easy attachment of a light or a saddle bag

3D-skingel Royalgel™:llä

Royalgel™ guarantees maximum comfort as it reduces the peak pressure values by up to 40% thanks to the unique three-dimensional gel structure. 3D-Skingel is an innovative and flexible system in which the Royalgel™ is strategically placed according to the anatomical needs of the driver.



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