Achielle Bikes

A family company with european values.

“Made in Belgium”, “Handmade in Europe”, … Numerous West European bicycle brands claim their bicycles are made locally. Why then does Achielle call itself a genuinely local bike? What’s the difference?
If you replace “made in” by “assembled in”, you may be closer to the truth. Many manufacturers build their bicycles from components bought mainly in Eastern Europe and Asia. Even bicycle frame production has largely moved to Asia. This is very unfortunate, as a wealth of knowledge, many years of experience and numerous jobs have been lost in this manner.
Achielle takes a different approach. We prefer to swim against the tide, do not opt for the easiest solution and keep on building our own frames one at a time. We do this on the basis of 3 generations of experience and craftsmanship, traditional handiwork combined with continuous investments in modern machinery.
This enables us to put our heart and soul into the very essence of every Achielle, its frame. We then look for the best European components to equip the frame, such as Brooks, Lepper, Van Schothorst, Rigida, Hebie, Steco, AXA basta, Humpert, Thun, Spanninga, and Mach1.
So an Achielle is not just “made in Europe”, but actually “made, built and assembled in Europe”. That’s why an Achielle is a genuinely local bike!
These efforts have been awarded with the ‘Handmade in Belgium’ label. In addition, we were named ‘Creative Company of the Year’ in 2011, were crowned ‘Craftsman of the Year’ in 2012 and won the ‘Trends Business Tour’ in 2014

Achielle Bikes

At Achielle, we do not just build bicycles, we build your bicycle. Each and every Achielle is made to order. You choose your model and then begin designing. You decide what to add and what not. You start with choosing one or several colours. However, you can also personally determine the number and type of gears, the kind of brakes, the colours of the tyres, the saddle and even the colour of your chain. Our configurator enables you to explore all possibilities. If desired, our dealers will gladly help you with all the details.
Once you have ordered your bike, we will start building it, from cutting tubes over painting the frame to completing the assembly. A few weeks later you can collect your own Achielle with your dealer.

Desing the bike of your own.

  • Choose your own color, frame, gears, accesories and more, at Achielle´s bicycle configurator.
  • If you would have any questions, please contact us and we will help you for sure.
  • Send to us the complete configuration of  your dream bike and we will order, receive and assemble your bicycle, with no extra cost.