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Continental GatorSkin (foldable)


Long distance walker. A durable carbon black blend, a prestigious puncture protection system and DuraSkin® cut protection make Gatorskin, formerly known as Ultra Gatorskin, the right long-distance heaven. Thanks to its many width options, it is suitable for business use as well as for road training, hobby rides and marathon cycling.


Continental GatorSkin

  • Handmade in Germany.
  • Size: 25-622 / 700 x 25C / 28-622
  • Weight: 240g.
  • Wear indicator.
  • Recommended pressure: 95 psi / 6.5 bar
  • Maximum pressure: 120 psi / 8.2 bar
  • Tissue density: 3/180 tpi

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Continental / GatorSkin


25-622 (700x25C), 28-622 (700 x 28C)

PolyX Breaker® technology

With PolyX Breaker® technology, we apply know-how on the passenger car side to bicycle tires. Polyester has been used for many years in car tires, where it has proven to work. Highly durable polyester fibers are woven tightly crosswise. This achieves a high material density, which makes the protection highly resistant to both foreign objects and punctures. PolyX Breaker® does not reduce the rolling resistance of the tire.


Tires with DuraSkin®-reinforced sidewalls must be able to withstand shocks, as they are used in the most challenging conditions.
In the use of messengers, the tires rub against the curbs of the streets and on touring bikes they cross continents without wearing a puncture. In racing cycling, they have to withstand the toughest tests, such as Paris – Roubaix. High-quality polyamide material protects the tire carcass from the worst conditions