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CONTINENTAL CycloX-King 35-622 Performance, puncture-proof


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Continental CycloX-King on kisarengas cyclocross ajoon. X-Kingin menestystarina maastorenkaissa on nyt tuotu myös cyclocross maailmaan. PureGrip kumiseos tarjoaa erinomaisen pidon, korkean käyttöiän ja matalan vierintävastuksen. Kuvionti on erityisen pitävä mutaisessa ja liukkaalla alustalla, unohtamatta alhaista vierintävastusta kovalla alustalla. CycloX-King on todella nopea ja luotettava rengas!


  • Model: CycloXKing, foldable
  • NyTechBreaker puncture protection patented by Continental
  • Size: 35-622 (700x35C)
  • Weight: 420g.
  • Rubber compound: PureGrip
  • Wear indicator.
  • Recommended pressure: 36 psi / 2.5 bar
  • Maximum pressure: 85 psi / 5.9 bar
  • Tissue density: 3/180 tpi.

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Brand / Model

Continental / CycloX-King 35-622


35-622 (700x35C)



PureGrip Compound

The new rubber compound with the self-explanatory name "PureGrip" follows our BlackChili compound and is used in performance products in the racing and mountain bike segments. Here it ensures long-lasting traction and high mileage from Continental tires, which are manufactured exclusively at the Hefei (Asia) production plant.

NyTech Breaker

The Continental NyTech puncture protection was developed based on the proven Continental SafetySystem Breaker. The nylon material used makes it resistant to stitches and cuts similar to Kevlar reinforced materials. At the same time, NyTech allows for lower rolling resistance and lower overall weight