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Selle San Marco Dynamic Open-Fit Saddle - Narrow - black


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The central hole (Open-Fit) guarantees maximum comfort and support in different pedaling situations and along the entire length of the saddle, assisting blood circulation and relieving pressure in the prostate area. This feature is particularly important for cyclists with good pelvis rotation.


  • Product Name: Selle San Marco Era Dynamic Open-Fit Saddle –
  • Gender: men, unisex
  • Usage bikesport: Road Bike, MTB
  • Rail clamp style: round rails
  • Pressure relief: with Relief / Cutout
  • Saddle cover: Synthetic
  • Saddle rails: Steel Alloy
  • Length x width: 277 x 145mm
  • Model year: 2020
  • Weight: 275g

Additional information

Weight0.275 kg
Dynamic Manganese

This material enhances the characteristics of the frame, increasing its resistance to wear due to vibrations. Manganese frames are fitted on all Dynamic level saddles.


Biodynamic structure that follows the movements of the pelvis during pedalling, guarantees comfort, reduced weight, lasting resistance and ideal support. The “closed cells” surface assures the water repellency of the padding

Glass Fiber Reinforced

Techno-polymer: engineering polymer with high physical and mechanical characteristics (rigidity, toughness, ductility) that allow it cope with static and dynamic loads and ageing.

Silkfeel Plus

Breathable covering with high abrasive resistance. It is less subject to deformation compared to traditional materials. Bio-compatible. Silk-touch surface nish.


277 x 135 mm