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Saddle ERGON SFC3 Comp Gel, Hybridi/Fitness


Ergonomically designed ERGON saddles for an enjoyable ride!
The new Hybrid / Fitness saddle is designed especially for athletes for cross, electric and touring cyclists.
A softer and wider saddle effectively reduces pressure points and distributes the pressure on the sciatic muscles optimally. In addition, the redesigned center channel relieves pressure on the branches.

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The SFC3 is ergonomically optimized, scientifically tested and incredibly effective at relieving your sensitive areas on a fitness bike, e-bike or sporty touring bike. Even without cycling shorts, the SFC3 is your perfect companion for every day comfort.

  • Cushioning: Foam ||| Gel
  • Material: Rails: Light FeC steel
  • Shell: Nylon Composite
  • Upper: Microfiber
  • Weight supplement: 390 gr.
  • Available in two saddle widths:
    Small: Seat bones distance 9 – 12 cm
    Large: Seat bones distance 12 – 15 cm


Brand / Model



Small 9 – 12cm, Large 12 – 16cm

Large pressure distribution

Optimal pressure distribution in the area of the seat and pubic bones by a flat, even contact surface for the prevention of seat complaints.

Seat upholstery

Orthopedic comfort foam with gel pads offers increased support and best pressure distribution.

Seat surface

The particularly wide seat is matched to inclined to upright sitting positions – the typical body positions of a fitness cyclist.

Distinct relief channel

Relief channel for the prevention of complaints and numbness in the intestinal and genital area.