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Set Reusable Bamboo Straws


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The diameters of the straws are different in size. This makes them suitable for all kinds of drinks: smoothies, cocktails, juices, and even hot drinks. Have you found another crazy combination? Let us know and comment below!

The straws are also easy to clean with the cleaning brush. If you take good care of them, they’ll outlive any other straw you ever used.


  • Three straws
  • Cleaning brush included
  • Size: 20 cm, diameter: 5 – 9 mm
  • Suited for warm and cold drinks
  • Packed in a linen pouch

Additional information

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Like many of our products, this set of reusable bamboo straws consists of bamboo. Bamboo is very sustainable for several reasons. For instance, it is the fastest-growing plant species on earth


3 Straws and Cleaning Brush.