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Handlebar Grips – ConTec Mardi Gras


High comfort and natural breathability of the material genuine leather in a stylish classic look, the grip surface is formed by the stringing together of many individual, differently colored leather rings. The ends of the handles are made of aluminum and can be screwed onto the handlebar by tightening the Allen screws integrated into them.

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  • Real leather to the core
  • For twist shifters
  • Consisting of many individual, differently colored leather rings
  • Comfortable, sweat-absorbing real leather
  • Length: 2 x 125 mm
  • Non-slip fixable by double lock ring screw connection
  • Color: Mardi Gras (black with green, blue, brown, orange, red, dark red)

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Weight0,100 kg



2 x 125 mm


Mardi Gras