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Foodin - Rice protein, Chocolate, 650g

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Food’s Organic Rice Protein has been studied to be very pure and made from carefully selected, high-quality organic rice. The choice of rice protein has been made because of its authenticity, protein richness and exceptional purity

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Biofermented rice protein, sweetener (stevioglycosides), raw cocoa powder, roasted cocoa powder, xanthan / Bio-waste risprotein, sötningsmedel (stevioglycosider), roasted cocoa powder, raw cocoa powder, xanthan

Nutrition Value

Energy (kcal), 387
Energy (kJ), 1619
Fat (g), 3
of which saturated (g),
Carbohydrates (g), 1
– of which sugars (g), <0,1
Protein (g), 89
Salt (g), 0
Dietary fiber (g), 1


Tryptophan (mg), 920
Cysteine (mg), 1952
Methionine (mg), 3900
Aspartic acid (mg), 9100
Threonine (mg), 3700
Serine (mg), 5320
Glutamic acid (mg), 17950
Proline (mg), 4450
Glycine (mg), 4300
Alanine (mg), 5680
Valine (mg), 6100
Isoleucine (mg), 4210
Leucine (mg), 8500
Tyrosine (mg), 5450
Phenylalanine (mg), 5100
Histidine (mg), 2370
Arginine (mg), 8200


Made in a factory processing nuts (cashew, para, pecan, pistachio, macadamia, hashish and walnuts) almonds, sesame seeds and whey protein (from milk)