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Foodin - Choco love activated trail mix, organic, 70g


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Foodin’s organic Chocolove blend is the answer when the candy tooth starts to crack. The chocolate activated mix contains delicacies coated in raw chocolate that taste great for the whole family. The handy-sized bag is easy to carry and serves as a nature trip, a candy day treat as well as a snack spot in a hectic everyday life.


The snack mix contains activated (soaked, pre-germinated and dried) cashews and almonds. Activation makes the raw materials easier to digest, which means that the nutrients can be better utilized, and the composition is wonderfully rapeseed.

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Chocolate snack mix: Activated almond *, activated cashew *, ginger (ginger *, cane sugar *), mulberry *, banana *, raw chocolate * (cocoa bean *, coconut sugar *, cocoa butter *, Bacillus coagulans lactic acid bacteria) sea salt
* = organic

Nutritional value

Energy: 1,417.96 kJ / 339.23kcal Fats: 14.4g of which saturated: 10.5g Carbohydrates: 43.9g of which sugars: 31.7g Fibers: 11g Proteins: 8.5g Salt: 0.02g