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Repair kit covers that produce large cuts and that the punctures are not able to cover.

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  • Quick gluing process (10 minutes)
  • Exterior repair, without the need to disassemble the wheel or the cover.
  • The cover can be used until it wears out.
  • Compatible with our anti-punctures, either made of natural rubber with particles, or latex.

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The cover cut is well cleaned.

There is no need to break the tubeless.

Shake the solution bottle, to unite the three basic components of the manufactured one well.

A layer of vulcanizing solution is applied to and around the cut.

The rubber particles are quickly applied on top and left to dry for 3 minutes.

A new layer of solution and rubber particles is applied on top, to let it dry for another 3 minutes.

If you think it is necessary, the process is repeated one more time, thereby giving more consistency to the retreading.

Ready to put the right pressure on your tubeless wheel and start rolling.

Remember that you have to carry anti-puncture liquid in your wheel, with this you can close the small pores that may remain after retreading.

If you are wearing your cover without problems and you find it necessary to apply another coat, you can do it, even months after the first repair.

The anti-puncture liquids are compatible with our manufacture, all the ones we have tested close the pores without problems, but those with rubber particles are more effective.

It plugs 100% of the large cuts on all covers.