Winter tires are the smart choice for all the people that want to keep cycling in the most confident and safe way during the hardest time of the year.

It does offer not only great grip on the ice, thank to the studs, but also easier handling of the bike for its unique pattern design. 

What makes winter tires safer?


The studs on winter tires is the main feature that they offer as grip holder. They are mostly made of strong materials like steel, to be as durable as possible. For the people worried about weight, the studs can be found made in aluminum.

The principle of the studs is to work like claws in animals when they need to stick on a surface as much as possible while are moving forward.


Patterns on winter tires are also important. They will play the role of traction of the tires on the snow and grip on the ice. Depending on the terrain where is mostly used a bike, the tires most have the proper pattern for it.

Different types of bicycle winter tires



Winter tires intallation work

*The price of the work depends on the dificulty to removed the tires from the bicycle. i.e. full chain cover.

How to choose winter tires?


Find the size of the tire that your bicycle has now and pay attetion to this numbers. It will tell you what type and size of winter size fits in the bike.

Size of bicycle tire written on it.


It is recommended to install the same size or narrower winter tires if the space between the tire and the fender is to small to allow a easy movement of the snow.

Space between bicycle tire and fender


The type of pattern on winter tires is similar than the normal tires. For the use in the city, mountain, gravel, etc. So, get the winter tires according to your needs. 

Types of pattern on bicycle winter tires


The amount of studs will be different depending of how much safety you want to have and how often the bicycle is used. 120 studs aprox. will be a basic winter tire. 

Amount of studs on bicycle tires