Why should I get a hybrid bicycle?

A hybrid bicycle is taking the best from two of the most popular types of bikes. The love for the speed from road bikes and the resistance of mountain bikes.

The first reason to buy a hybrid bike would be the comfort that this bicycle offers without sacrificing how fast you are used to ride.

Another advantage is the possibility to install wider tires than the ones you ride on your road bike, making smoother and safer to cycle.

Also think that this bicycle could be used for a single short ride or for work commuting and even as a travel bike.

There are in the market some difference among hybrid bicycles that could make that type the most suitable for your ride, please feel free to ask us calling to +358 44  2915 331, writing to info@bicycleanhelsinki.com or simply visiting our shop at Luotsikatu 14 – 00160 Helsinki.

Types of hybrid bikes


Bicycles for all the comfort and safety commuting in the city.


With suspension in the front fork to absorb every shock and stiffer frame , this bicycle is perfect for all rides,


All about speed, training or lightness. A bicycle closer to all the benefits of a road bike.