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Developing products for competition since 1934.

Massi brand was born in the late seventies in a traditional cycling company with a vast experience in the bicycle business.

From the start, Massi’s main goals have been to offer the most competitive products and the highest standard of quality.


For years we have been innovating and implementing new technologies and materials in our range: triple butted titanium, custom developed aluminum alloys and innovative monocoque carbon systems among others.

At Massi we are proud of our commitment with the highest competition level. Our achievements in this field are remarkable: numerous national championships, several World Cup races and a World Championship!

Nowadays, Massi frames are still hand build and our bikes are assembled one by one by highly skilled artisans.”


Massi bikes


The brand for winners

Massi seeks to be present in the best races of the European calendar, and continue to grow as a team to be among the best in the world.

Great cyclists like Loana Lecomte, Thomas Griot and Joshua Dubau, together with great teams like Massi Tactics and Massi Vivo, are positioning Massi bikes among the other winner brands in the most important professional competitions.