Many things are sure in life and a bicycle that brakes isn’t the exception. So, bike repairs are in many cases well deserved if we want to keep pedalling.

Bike maintenace prevents a lot all the commons issues on your bike that will end in a broken or worn part. 

Find at our shop a reliable and professional service that will provide to you a complete information about all what your bike needs.



All the prices are based in a standard duration of time for each work. An extra charge will be applied for those cases when the work takes longer time than the estimated.

Take to our bike repairs that old friend.

We are more than happy to always try to recue any bike. Specially those old ones that were made with very high standards of quality. So, before throwing your old bike to the trash, feel welcome to our shop and show it to us. We will tell you what could be done and if it really worth it. 

bike repairs

What to expect from our bike repairs.

Over 10 years experience

We are a bike repair shop with a long time on the path of cycling. Improving everyday our knowledge and skills.

High costumer satisfaction

Our costumer rate our bike repair service with a very important level of satisfaction and thrust.

Flexibility on requests

All decisions about bike repair works are taken together with our costumer, to agree on the best option.

Warranty on every work

If any work made by our bike repair service results wrongly, is important for us to find a solution.

Tools and stuff to repair your bike on the ride


This multi function tool is a essential partner for every ride.

In every version of it is possible to find all type of tools for repair and adjusting of a bike. 

Bike pump

A bike pump not only will help you to fill your tire in case of a pucture, but is helpfull to set the pression of your tires in the desired one for your ride.

Spare tube

You could always repair a tube with a patch, but in case you want to be faster or the tube is to broke to be fixed, a spare tube in your pack will help.

Patch kit

Sealing a hole on your punctured tube is a classic solution to keep cycling.

Tire levers

This guys will help you a lot in case of a flat tire. Tire levers are used to remove the tire from the rim to have access to the inner tube.