First bicycle maintenance

repair 3

In this service we will check the basic but most important parts that a bicycle need in order to work properly and offer the safety that is required when you are cycling.

  • The brakes of the bicycle will be adjusted, in case that they are too long to be effective. We will center the brakes in the way that the pads don’t touch the rim/disc while the bicycle is moving. And the brake pads are checked to decide if they need replacement.
  • Gears of the bicycle are adjusted on a correct indexing for a proper shifting. 
  • The tension on the spokes of the wheels is adjusted, looking for the right balance and stright wheel.
  • Check the tension of the chain for a proper movement.
  • The presion in the tires is adjusted to the right one, depending on the type of riding and tyres.
  • Tightening of loosing parts.


Worn or damaged parts on the bicycles are replaced with a extra cost of the part and work.