Bicyclean Helsinki has provided a professional and dedicaded bicycle rental service to many Finnish and international companies and organizations that want to experience the best way to go around, discover or explore one of the best cities for cycling in the world.


No matter the size of the group you are planning to take for the ride, we will support you on that.

10 bikes
20 bikes
30 bikes
50 bikes
70 bikes

All groups are welcome

Helsinki city is full of places, things and entertaiment accesible by bike. Planning a good route on the city’s extensive cycling paths, you and your friends, partners or colleagues can enjoy a great ride and visit all the places that interest you. 

Cultural Tours

A great way to visit our museums, galleries and  architecture, while enjoying the beautiful sights of the city.


The best possible way to offer a memorable touristic experience for groups of travellers visiting our city.

bike rental service for groups

City Tours

It is always the most beautiful way to see and explore Helsinki city. Your group will highly appreciate a ride in this city with more than 2.500 Km of bike paths.

beautiful way to see and explore Helsinki city
Making a ride in it an unforgettable experience.

Nature Tours

Helsinki is surrounded by amazing forests, lakes and landscapes – making a ride there an unforgettable experience.

Making a ride in it an unforgettable experience.



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Tuesday to Friday

10 – 18


10 – 16