Bike shop

We are a family with a passion for bicycles and clean transportation for the planet. Bicycles have been a part of our lives ever since our early childhood. Over the years we gained the skills to repair and maintain bicycles and we wanted to help people with their bicycle issues, so we founded Bicyclean Helsinki in 2010.

We are continuously updating our knowledge in the bicycle industry, looking to offer the most professional service to our customers. We provide more than just the repair and maintenance services – we want the customer to feel like they are visiting a friend when they come to our shop. A happy customer is our goal and what keeps us motivated.

Our values for a better customer experience

We in Bicyclean Helsinki are committed to provide excellent customer experience for our customers. All our actions rely on our four values, personal customer service, reliability, expertise and flexibility.

Personal customer service

We provide personal customer service at Bicyclean. We carefully listen to the customer´s opinions and hopes. We recommend only the necessary repair and maintenance works for the bike and also tell the customer if it’s not worthwhile to repair the bike anymore. The customer always has a final say on the works that will be completed and we do not push customers to pay things they don´t want.


Customer can always rely on the high-quality service we provide. We will inform the customer about every steps of the work. If fixing a problem that we have found will be costlier than expected, we will first contact the customer to inquire if the customer wants the problem fixed.


With our expertise we can help the customer choose the exactly right products. We carefully listen to the customers´ needs and base our recommendations on truly what the customer tells us. Customer can always trust that we tell honestly about the product features.


With our expertise and flexibility we can fix bikes that other companies consider beyond repair and sell you a new bike.